Pre-Lim Rules¹

Last Updated 5-8-2019

  1. Tournament limited to first 50 teams in each division. Tournament split in 2 divisions.

  2. Sign up closes at 6:30pm the Thursday evening of the Calcutta.

  3. All team members must check in, in person, the morning of tournament at Harbor Bait & Tackle with a tournament director. Check in window opens at 5:45 AM.

  4. Fishing may begin no earlier than 5:45 AM on the day of the tournament. No fishing lines or team members out of the boat until after the team has checked in at Matagorda Harbor Pavilion.

  5. $550 Team Entry Fee, maximum 5 members on a team.

  6. Any team that cancels on or after June 1st will not receive a refund on their tournament entry.

  7. Upon weather cancellation tournament will be rescheduled.

  8. All individuals must be paid team members to be eligible for the Glenn Douglas Memorial Individual Biggest Trout

  9. All teams and individuals must be paid teams and team members to be eligible to compete in the tournament pots.

  10. If a fishing guide is used the fish caught by the guide cannot be used unless guide is paid member of team.

  11. Teams do not need boat access to enter tournament.

  12. All designated fishing vessels must leave morning of the tournament from Matagorda Harbor after your team has checked in. You must fish from the vessel you leave in and return in the same vessel in which you left from no exceptions. (Ex: no leaving harbor in a truck and then fishing from a boat)

  13. All teams are only allowed to fish from one designated vessel.

  14. All teams must fish within plain eyesight of their exclusive designated vessel at all times.

  15. The carrying and use of kayaks, paddle boards, etc. off of a motorized boat is prohibited. Kayaks, paddle boards, etc. are allowed if those are your designated fishing vessels when entering the water as long as all team members are using these vessels with in eyesight of one another.

  16. Spot holding or hole sitting by any team member or non-team member for tournament participants is prohibited.

  17. “Courtesy Rule” All tournament teams are asked to not fish within 100 yards of another tourney team.

  18. Artificial division may not use any type of bait (live or dead). “Scented” artificial baits are permitted.

  19. All fish must be caught on rod and reel.

  20. All fish in tournament must be legal size (no oversized (tagged) redfish).

  21. All fish to be weighed in must be caught after teams leave from harbor on morning of tournament.

  22. No fish may be accepted from or given to another team.

  23. Boat Breakdown – Tournament Director must be contacted. No catching rides with other teams.

  24. Weighmaster and tournament directors have final decision on validity of fish.

  25. Fish used in the Glenn Douglas Memorial Individual Biggest Trout competition can be used in “Texas Trio” competition.

  26. Fish used in the Glenn Douglas Memorial Individual Biggest Trout competition and “Texas Trio” competition can be used in “Stringer Pot”

  27. “Stringer Pot” : only one trout over 25”

  28. Fish in ‘Redfish with Most Spots” category – spots need to be bigger than pencil eraser to count. All spots are determined valid by weighmaster/tournament directors.

  29. Fish in “Trout Closest to 2.5 Pounds” will be measured closest to 2.5 pounds and under. Any fish measuring above 2.5 pounds is disqualified.

  30. Weigh in is 2:30PM-4PM at Harbor Bait & Tackle. All teams must have at least 1 team member be in LINE to weigh in by 4:00pm with the team’s fish.

  31. Each team chooses which fish they will have weighed in. Once a fish is measured and weighed, there will be no exchanging of fish. If there is an illegal sized fish measured, the entire team will be disqualified for that category.

  32. Two sets of scales will be running and calibrated. Fish may be weighed on either scale as determined by weighmaster. Fish only weighed once, no exceptions.

  33. If one set of scales breaks down, the other will be used moving forward with no re-weighs on previous fish.

  34. Fish will be weighed in the following order

    1. Texas Trio Stringer

    2. Team Redfish Pot

    3. Team Flounder Pot

    4. Team Redfish and Trout Pot

    5. Team Trout Pot

    6. Individual Biggest Trout

  35. Sponsors, organizers, and other entities involved in the Texas Trio Classic are not responsible for any accident or injury, nor loss, damage, or theft to any property.

  36. All teams are required to follow Texas Parks and Wildlife fishing and boating regulations

  37. Polygraph tests will be administered.

    1. All team members must be present to take polygraph. If a team member is not available to be tested, the entire team is disqualified.

    2. If the polygraph administrator is unable to perform the polygraph for any reason, (participant has been drinking too much according to administrator, etc.) the entire team is disqualified.

    3. Polygraph administrator has final determination on all test results (Pass/Fail)

  38. Unofficial awards ceremony will begin immediately following weigh in. All winners will be unofficial until final polygraph results are in and complete. All team members from winning teams (All categories) will need to stay until polygraph results are complete to receive their money winnings. No checks will be handed out during unofficial awards ceremony.

¹All rules subject to change – final rules provided at check-in morning of tournament

Glenn Douglas Memorial Individual Biggest Trout

The person in each division who catches the biggest trout will receive $1500!
Biggest is most weight.

Texas Trio Classic

The team will weigh one trout, one redfish, and one flounder. The team must have all three to compete. Most weight wins. Top five places pay²

Open Division

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th Place

5th Place






Artificial Division

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th Place

5th Place






²Guaranteed payout is based on a minimum of 40 teams entering the tournament. If 40 teams do not register payout will be as detailed below.

Open Division

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

40% total open division entries

20% total open division entries

10% total open division entries

Artificial Division

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

40% total artificial division entries

20% total artificial division entries

10% total artificial division entries

Tournament Pot - Stringer (Per Each Division)

Up to three trout (only 1 over 25”) and up to two redfish (No oversized/tagged redfish).  Most weight wins. Open and Artificial divisions pay separately. Top three places pay.

Tournament Pot – Trout (Per Each Division)

Team allowed to only weigh one fish. The trout that is closest to 2.5 Pounds will win this pot.  No trout over 2.5 Pounds.

Tournament Pot – Redfish (Per Each Division)

Team allowed to only weigh one fish. The redfish that has the most spots will win this side pot. No oversized (tagged) redfish.  Spots need to be bigger than pencil eraser to count.

Tournament Pot – Flounder (Per Each Division)

Team allowed to only weigh one fish.  Biggest is most weight.

Tournament Tie Breaker

In the event of a tie in any division the tie breaker is the team/individual that weighs in earliest.

Team Calcutta

All teams will be auctioned off in the Calcutta.