2018 Check In Order Results!

Open Division

Artificial Division

Place Team Name Place Team Name
1 Muy Chingon 1 Douglas Realty
3 Lunatics 3 Bittered Up!
4 Hooked Up 4 Pig Pen
5 The Donkey Show 5 Cut'em Deep
6 Salty Perros 6 Not Sure
7 Ward Real Estate 7 Dirty Hookers
8 Go Deep 8 Super Knockers
9 Almost There 9 Bottom Feeders
10 Salty Nutz 10 all but one
11 Team Small Poles 11 Three Goats & a Porn Stache
12 No flounder for old men 12 H3O
13 Hale Yeah 13 Soggy bottom boyz
14 Croaker Cartel 14 Ankle fish
15 Team B.I.C. 15 Salt n Peppa
16 Fish outta Luck 16 Poco Playa
17 Bump N Grind 17 Texas Tripod
18 Transport Boats 18 ClipNRip
19 Slow roll 19 Shake N Bake
20 Fishin' Problem 20 Hookers and Blow-Ups
21 Capital Farm Credit 21 2gs
22 Because We Can 22 Sunrise
23 Nut Deep 23 WD Von Gonten
24 Turnt Up 24 Grab'em by the Trout
25 It's All Good 25 Pluggers
26 Hooksetter 26 Saltwater Addiction
27 The Wet Dreamers 27 Team 4:19
28 Leader Material 28 Atkinson Pecan
29 Aquaholics 29 So Shallow
30 Jackie’s Diamond 30 ABM Irrigation
31 Knot 2 Bad 31 Intrepid
32 Rod Benders 32 AmSpec
33 Off-Spec 33 Salt & Pepper
34 Johnny's Sport Shop 34 Killin' Time
35 Bastrop billys 35 Low expectations
36 Young guns-caleb rush 36 Po-Po's Crew
37 Full Throttle Outdoors 37 Shallow Minded
38 SFO Royalty 38 Salt Dogs
39 Got em 39 Wittu,Macha,&nuguyen
40 Reel Men 40 Three Wise Men Plus Two
41 All Hooked Up! 41 Over the Hill Gang
42 Salty Crackers 42 Slow Rollin
43 Deez Knots 43 No Drama
44 Young Guns-taylor brangan 44 Cruisingkitchens
45 Rodder Ventures 45 FATN
46 El matadors 46 Jack Wagon
47 Bow’d Up 47 YET
48 The Pilgrims 48 Pesca Grande
49 Eastbound & Down 49 Saltydog
50 Run-N-Gun Adventures 50 Slap Stix
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Kayaks and paddle boards Rule

The carrying and use of kayaks, paddle boards, etc. off of a motorized boat is prohibited.  Kayaks, paddle boards, etc. are allowed if those are your designated fishing vessels when entering the water as long as all team members are using these vessels with in eyesight of one another.

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2018 Team Finalization

Tournament directors will be calling all artificial teams Monday May 7th and all open teams Tuesday May 8th between 6-9pm. At this time all final team members must be decided (if not done already) and all Calcutta insurance decisions must be finalized.

-Texas Trio Team

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2018 Registation Fee Changes

This year there will be a flat entry fee of $550/team

This will allow you to have up to 5 team members and will be automatically entered in all Tournament Pots (Trout closest to 2.50 lbs) (Heaviest Flounder) (Redfish with Most Spots) and (Heaviest Stringer 3 Trout and 2 Redfish). Entry also includes Individual Heaviest Trout.
The $550/team entry fee does not include any Calcutta Insurance

All teams registered between March 1st and March 31st will be put into the drawing for the order in which all teams will leave on the morning of Sat June 9th (Same as last year)

All teams registered between April 1st and April 30th will be put into the secondary drawing for the order in which all teams will leave on the morning of Sat June 9th (Obviously teams registered during this time period will fall in behind teams in the March 1st thru March 31st drawing)

Please contact shane.hahn@texastrioclassic.com or travis.elliott@texastrioclassic.com with any questions.

-Texas Trio Team

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