Dedications Wall

By donating any amount to the Tournament you can choose to have your dedication listed on our Dedication Wall.


Dedicated To: Peggy Weismann


From Sharon Valentin Dedicated To: Patricia Mullins Toonen

Remembering too many of the people I love, lost too soon, to cancer.


From Janet Peden

Thank you for your support of the Boys & Girls Club of Bay City and Matagorda County!


From Kevin Schautteet Dedicated To: Glenn Douglas


From Debbie Reed Dedicated To: Richard Reed

In honor of my Dad, who loved the land and his cattle! We all miss you!

From Debbie Reed Dedicated To: Leonard Cornelius

In honor of a one of a kind, Main! We miss you!

Dedicated To: Glenn Douglas

Janet Douglas and Family in honor of Glenn Douglas

Dedicated To: Andy Roberts

 For a Great dad who taught & adapted to his kids all at the same time. He made it fun!