2017 Tournament Results

We would like to thank all who fished, volunteered and sponsored the tournament this weekend. Without you it wouldn't be possible. Below are the results:

Trio Results

Open Division

Artificial Division

Place Team Name Trio Weight Place Team Name Trio Weight
1 The Pilgrims 19lb 0.48oz 1 Crusing Kitchens 17lb 6.4oz
2 Run-N-Gun 18lb 3.84oz 2 Atkinson Pecan 15lb 8.96oz
3 Team Reel Addict 17lb 5.92oz 3 Salty Perros 13lb 10.88oz
4 Croaker Chokers 17 lb 1.28 oz 4 Cut'em Deep 12 lb 15.36 oz
5 Team Oxea 16 lb 11.68 oz 5 ED's Special Luers 12 lb 12.8 oz
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