Saturday morning check in change

Over the years we have heard and seen the dangers of having all the boats leave the harbor so close to each other. We have tried to make it safer in the past by moving check in to later time and separating artificial and open teams to opposite sides of the harbor. This year we are going to take it one step further. This is completely for SAFETY reasons.

There will be four check in lines like in the past. Two for open and two for artificial. Check in will start at 5:45 am as in the past. Each team will get in the line that coincides with there team number(team number is given to you on Friday night).

We will be releasing four teams at a time, one from each line. Every minute we will release the next four teams. This is how it will work. The first team in line will be checked in and move to a staging area next to the check in table, During this time, the next team will be checked in. You will hear a horn go off and the first four teams may go to their boats to leave. At that time the next team that has already checked in will move to the staging area and wait till the horn blows for them to leave. The third team will be checked in at this time and the process will be repeated till all 25 teams in each line are gone. Horn will blow every 60 seconds and the four teams in staging area will be able to leave.

In the past, it has taken 5-10 minutes to check in all teams. This process will take 25 minutes from first to last team, thus spreading out the boats and making it more safe leaving the harbor and driving in the inercoastal. Once again, first come, first to leave. If you are worried about being middle to back of line and leaving a little later than the first boats, show up early and get in line first!

To properly make this work, all team members must be present and have ID ready when your team gets to the check in table. If a member is not present when you get to check in table, your team will go to back of the line no questions asked! This change is not to punish any fisherman and is 100% for safety. It is our hope all teams understand this. If you have any questions regarding this please contact Shane Hahn.

Posted on May 20, 2016 and filed under 2016, Tournaments, Announcements.