Texas Trio Classic 2012 Update/Changes

  1. Fish For A Cure!
  2. Host the best inshore fishing tournament in the state

These two goals have been in our hearts and minds since we began this tournament, and have been ever-present in each decision we make.

We are proud to have developed the tournament over the years into what it is today. From the beginning we wanted a fresh concept and a tournament format to determine who exactly the best bay anglers were. We feel the Texas Trio Classic format achieves this. We didn’t want the tournament to be the same old three trout and two redfish or other complicated setups. We wanted to take a new approach and keep it simple. To our knowledge we were the first tournament that hinged on the simple concept of one trout, one redfish, and one flounder to determine the winning team. In all honesty we do have an optional side pot that weighs in three trout and two redfish, but it is optional and does not factor into our tournament winners.

The angler response and support through participating teams has been positive to say the least. We do listen to feedback from anglers, and have had numerous ideas presented to us along the way. We have thus far and will continue to have open lines of communication with all of the anglers. Our cell phone numbers are on the website, and when you call us – we call back – period. That being said, give us a call, we’d love to talk about our tournament and hear your feedback. Just refer back to the top of this letter and you can again see our priorities.

Changes for 2012 are listed below. They are simple and align with our goals.

  1. Entire tournament winnings, biggest trout, and Calcutta are split into “Open” and “Artificial” divisions, and pay accordingly.
  2. $75 is new entry fee per angler (up from $50)
  3. Tournament winners are guaranteed certain winnings and each division pays out to five places.
  4. Calcutta pays out 100% (up from 80%) to the top three places in each division.

With the new changes in effect for 2012, we will be able to donate more money to charity and the anglers will have the opportunity to win more money. It’s a WIN/WIN for everyone involved.

We look forward to bringing you the best inshore fishing tournament experience in the state, and most importantly, fighting the fight for medical research and leaving this world better than we found it.

Fish On, Dirk,
Shane & Travis



Posted on February 10, 2012 and filed under 2012, Announcements.