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2019 Tournament Announcment

Welcome to the 2019 Texas Trio Classic. We want to thank everyone for their past support and look forward to an even better 2019 tournament. This years tournament will be held June 6th-8th at the Matagorda Harbor Pavilion. Thursday June 6th will be our Calcutta/ dinner night. Friday 7th is a rest day and Saturday 8th is fishing day.

Online registration for all teams will begin Friday March 1st at 8am. There will be only 50 teams allowed in each division( artificial and open). last years tournament filled all 100 teams in a little over 24 hours so we suggest you sign up in the AM on March 1st so you are guaranteed a spot. Online registration will be done on the website.

We are still working out the final rules for 2019 but would like to share one that is finalized.
Whichever vessel( boat or truck) you leave the Matagorda harbor from on Saturday June 8th is the vessel you must fish from and return in. Ex: You may not leave from a vehicle to drive to your boat and then fish out of your boat. If you plan to fish from a boat, you must leave the harbor by boat and return to harbor by boat.
Feel free to contact a tournament director for any questions. Contact info is on the website. Good luck to all anglers and we look forward to seeing you in June .

Trio Team

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2018 Tournament Results

We would like to thank all who fished, volunteered and sponsored the tournament this weekend. Without you it wouldn't be possible. Below are the results:

Trio Results

Open Division

Artificial Division

Place Team Name Trio Weight Place Team Name Trio Weight
1 Pilgrims 19 lb 1.12 oz 1 Atkinson Pecan 16 lb 8.32 oz
2 Nut Deep 18 lb 12.64 oz 2 Cruising Kitchens 16 lb 7.84 oz
3 All Hooked Up 18 lb 0.96 oz 3 Pluggers 15 lb 8.8 oz
4 Hale Yeah 17 lb 1.28 oz 4 Salt N Peppa 15 lb 0.16 oz
5 Run-N-Gun Adventures 16 lb 7.68 oz 5 Shallow Minded 14 lb 7.2 oz
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Kayaks and paddle boards Rule

The carrying and use of kayaks, paddle boards, etc. off of a motorized boat is prohibited.  Kayaks, paddle boards, etc. are allowed if those are your designated fishing vessels when entering the water as long as all team members are using these vessels with in eyesight of one another.

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2018 Team Finalization

Tournament directors will be calling all artificial teams Monday May 7th and all open teams Tuesday May 8th between 6-9pm. At this time all final team members must be decided (if not done already) and all Calcutta insurance decisions must be finalized.

-Texas Trio Team

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2018 Registation Fee Changes

This year there will be a flat entry fee of $550/team

This will allow you to have up to 5 team members and will be automatically entered in all Tournament Pots (Trout closest to 2.50 lbs) (Heaviest Flounder) (Redfish with Most Spots) and (Heaviest Stringer 3 Trout and 2 Redfish). Entry also includes Individual Heaviest Trout.
The $550/team entry fee does not include any Calcutta Insurance

All teams registered between March 1st and March 31st will be put into the drawing for the order in which all teams will leave on the morning of Sat June 9th (Same as last year)

All teams registered between April 1st and April 30th will be put into the secondary drawing for the order in which all teams will leave on the morning of Sat June 9th (Obviously teams registered during this time period will fall in behind teams in the March 1st thru March 31st drawing)

Please contact or with any questions.

-Texas Trio Team

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